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June 20, 2019by Buffalocal0

What’s better than an ice cold beer on a hot summer day? Not much! Whether you’re sitting by the pool or at a cookout with your closest friends and family, if it’s humid and 80,  a cold brew is a must!

But how do you know which beer is the best beer to drink on a hot day? We put together this list of great Buffalocal brews and what they pair well with. Each beer or cider is sure to quench your thirst and help keep you refreshed all Summer long!

Wheat Beers are flavorful but light and often served with a fresh piece of a citrus fruit, making them perfect for a hot summer day in Buffalo. Many of the Buffalocal breweries have tasty Wheat Beer options for summer. 12 Gates Brewing Company’s Cherry Vanilla Wheat (4.8% ABV) will pair perfectly with your favorite summer salad. Strummer  (6.0% ABV), a Belgian Blonde Ale from Pressure Drop, with banana notes and a crisp finish will go great with fruit salads. Big Ditch’s seasonal Pale Wheat Ale, Fantastically Crushable  (4.1% ABV) will also taste perfect with light, summery pasta dish.

Lighter,  hoppy, India Pale Ales are another great choice for summertime. Flying Bison Brewing Company recently released the All America IPA (6.4%ABV), a Buffalo themed beer, is perfect for a Buffalo summer. Looking for something with a little less ABV? 42 North Brewing Company now offers a session IPA called the Day Trekker IPA (4.9%ABV). Either of these (or both) will go great with a cookout full of grilled meat and veggies. Another favorite IPA for Summer is That IPA (4.9%ABV) from Community Beer Works. This session IPA has a bright flavor that will pair nicely with a refreshing summer salad with tomatoes or watermelon in it.

German-style Kolsch beers, like the 716 Buffalo Kolsch  (5.2% ABV) from Flying Bison Brewing Company and Westphalia Kolsch (4.9% ABV) from 42 North Brewing Company, are guaranteed summertime favorites. These craft beers could be paired with any light dish, like a salad, or fish that is not too heavy or oily. They could also easily replace a mimosa at brunch, seeing as they pair well with basic breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, ham, etc. These beers are perfect for summertime because they finish as light as they start, and often give off a hint of fruity flavor as you sip.  

Similar to Kolsch style beers, Blonde Ales have a soft malty sweetness, a subtle malt character and a clean finish. 12 Gates Yoga Pants American Blonde Ale  (4.5% ABV) is an approachable, light craft beer that will pair well Italian or Middle Eastern dishes and also goes perfectly with a sugar cookie. Citra Screamer (4.9% ABV), a California Golden Cream Ale brewed by Pressure Drop Brewing, is also a great choice for a summer craft beer. It is an extremely light Blonde Ale with plenty of citrus aroma that would taste great with any spicy, hot or sweet dishes like an Asian dish or jalapeno salsa.

Sour beers are also a top pick for summer and are starting to trend locally with more options soon to come! Sours come in a wide range of styles from light and fruity to so sour they will make your mouth pucker with each sip. Resurgence Brewing Company brews the Lime Berliner Weiss (4.5% ABV) that will pair well with any salty summer snack, like a warm, fresh, salty pretzel or french fries. Community Beer Works, Pressure Drop Brewing and others Buffalocal brewers are also releasing limited edition Sour beers that are promised to be a yummy summertime treat, so keep an eye out!

Lastly for the beer category, is the classic Pilsner. While this style of beer may sound boring if you’re an adventurous craft beer drinker, keep in mind that stocking up on Pilsners for a big cookout is never a bad idea. They’re light, crisp and refreshing with a smooth finish and will go well with anything you throw on the grill at a cookout. Pilsners are popular and not overbearing and will offer something to please every one of your guests. Let’s Go Pils (4.4% ABV)  from Community Beer Works or Illumination Pilsnew (5.9% ABV) from 42 North Brewing Company are both solid Buffalocal Pilsner choices for summertime enjoyment.

If you or one of your guests are not the biggest fan of beer, no worries! BlackBird Cider Works has plenty of Hard Cider options great for summertime sippin’. Their Lakeside Loganberry Cider  (6.5% ABV) will go perfect with the classic burger and hot dog cookout as it is full of delicious notes of Buffalo’s classic loganberry flavor. Their Estate Reserve  (6.9% ABV) is a semi-dry hard cider with a fruity apple aroma, crisp refreshing taste and light finish that will pair as well with pork chops as it would with a light salad.

This summer, every Buffalo fridge should be stocked with light, drinkable craft beverages! With great options available from each of the Buffalocal brewers, you will have no problem finding  a craft beer or cider option that will be well-suited to even the most picky of drinkers.

Now, it’s time for you to get out and find your favorite summertime Buffalocal offering. And we love to know what you think, so be sure to stop back and drop a comment letting us know which is your top pick for Summer in Buffalo!

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