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Local in BuffaloThe First Beer Fridge… Born in Buffalo!

June 26, 2019by Buffalocal0

Buffalo’s fame for being a city with killer drinking savvy goes all the way back to the creation of the first ever fridge made specifically for chilling beer…

Ever heard of the Beerador or Bevador? These don’t tend to be commonly used terms nowadays but in the mid 1900’s that surely wasn’t the case! 

The Beerador and Bevador are beer fridges that were invented right in Buffalo! They are essentially the same thing, only the Bevador is larger than the Beerador.  Jewett Refrigeration Company invented these booze fridges specifically for beers to be stored cold and ready to serve. Everything from the cooling system, to the glass doors, and the “merry-go-round” shelves were designed to help serve the perfect beer every single time. Leave it to Buffalonians to recognize the need for such a practical item and then to go out and create it! 

Learn more and check out some great photos in this Buffalo News Beerador article, or this Buffalo Stories Beerador blog.

photo credit: Buffalo Stories


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