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July 10, 2019by Buffalocal0

The first thing that often comes to mind when thinking about beer mixology is that friend from college who would pour some cheap liquor into a cheap beer, call themselves a “Mixologist”,  and drink up. GROSS, right?! Well, no worries! There are plenty of legit beer mixologies that are guaranteed to taste better than your friend’s not-so-appealing concoction. 

The Brewgria is exactly what it sounds like, sangria with a craft beer rather than wine and brandy. For this recipe all you’ll need is your favorite fruity Buffalocal beer, a bottle of framboise lambic, and whatever fruits you want. A fruity beer like 42 North’s Island Sour Farmhouse would be a great fit for this recipe because it already has a fruity flavor profile with touches of orange peel, mango and passionfruit. Mixing such a beer with fresh fruit and a peach flavored framboise (we like Lindeman’s Peche) rounds out some of the tart notes of the Sour beer and is simply delightful! 

Not a big fan of Bloody Marys? Maybe it’s because you’ve been making them wrong all along!  Plenty of people will argue that the best Bloody Marys are made with IPAs rather than vodka! Makes sense when you think about it. What will not be washed out and overpowered by the heat of the hot sauce and the intensity of the tomato juice? The obvious answer is a hoppy, powerful beer, like a Buffalocal IPA. 12 Gates West Coast IPA or Head in the Clouds DIPA from Resurgence Brewing Co. are both excellent choices for mixing up the perfect Beery Mary! 

Beermosas are another popular brunch pick. Replacing champagne with a lighter beer (like a Game Day Wit from New York Beer Project) is a great choice if bubbly isn’t your favorite. Orange juice is the only ingredient other than beer needed for a beermosa, so the choice of craft beer is up to you! Like a regular mimosa, the alcohol to OJ ratio should be around one part orange juice and four to five parts beer, but again, that depends on your personal preference. 

We kept it pretty simple but there are hundreds (if not thousands) of beer mixology recipes out there for you to discover with just a simple google search. If you find a good one to mix up using your favorite Buffalocal craft beer, be sure to share it with us! 

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