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Beer KnowledgeKolsch: The Ale-Lager Hybrid?

July 17, 2019by Buffalocal0

Kolsch is a style of beer that was first brewed in Germany, and while technically it is an Ale, it also has some brewing traits typical of Lagers. That’s because warm-fermenting ale yeast is used during the brewing of Kolsch, but then it is conditioned at a cold temperature like a lager. resulting in a crisp and refreshing brew. 

Kolsch beers are trademarked for their perfect balance of dryness and sweetness. This style beer is becoming increasingly more popular across the United States as the interest in “sessionable beers” grows. These craft beers often have lower alcohol content with prominent, but not excessive, hoppiness and very little bitterness. They are often described as soft, delicate, and drinkable beers. Kolsch beers are refreshing, light and thirst-quenching making them perfect for a hot summer day!

Kolsch beers are also great to pair with a variety of foods. Not surprisingly, they pair well with traditional German dishes like sausages and kraut. They also pair well with almost any summer food, whether it is cookout dishes, light seafood plates or a simple summer salad,  a Kolsch will not disappoint nor be too much on your palette. 

716 Buffalo Kolsch brewed by Flying Bison or Westphalia Kolsch from 42 North are both  excellent Buffalocal choices to refresh your summer with! 

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