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July 25, 2019by Buffalocal0

What to do when you really want to order that delicious sounding seafood entree but have no idea what drink choice will compliment it? Read on to get some killer tips on how to make sure your taste buds get the best out of every sip and bite!

Imagine this: You sit down to dinner at the patio of the city’s best new waterfront restaurant. You’ve been waiting all day for this meal and probably already have some sort of idea what seafood dish you’re going to order. Before you can decide for sure, your server arrives and asks the most difficult question, “What would you like to drink?”.  She proceeds to bombard you with a long list of craft beers, many of which sound super tasty. But still, you have no idea what to pick that will compliment your entree of choice…

Let’s say, you decide to get a plate of fried calamari as an appetizer, and either a fresh lobster or a grilled salmon for your entree. What beer should you order? A refreshing Pilsner is likely your best bet as it will compliment some of the more delicate flavors in each of these dishes. The classic Pilsner will immediately go to work, bringing out the herbs and the hint of citrus in your food and will add the perfect crisp, and balanced dry flavor that your meal needs. This beer choice will highlight the taste of your food without overpowering it or filling you up!  For much of the same reasons, Pilsners also pair particularly well with sushi! To really get the most out of your lighter seafood fare, we recommend Community Beer Works’ Lets Go Pils or 42 North’s Illumination Pils for a perfectly paired choice!   

If you were to go the more classic route for your seafood cravings and order the standard fish and chips special,  or even if you choose to spice it up by selecting the battered fish tacos, you should pair your meal with a light and hoppy Pale Ale. That’s because Pale Ales have a bold enough flavor to cut the heaviness of the breading and fat found in the classic Buffalo fish fry, but will also not overpower the wonderful flavors of a fresh catch. 

Some Buffalocal selections we would recommend include Tria Prima Pale Ale from 12 Gates and the Frank Pale Ale from Community Beer Works. Even an Aviator Red from Flying Bison would provide a malty rich balance to perfectly compliment these seafood selections. 

Hesitate no more, Buffalo. Go forth with new-found confidence and conquer your seafooding adventures this summer!

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