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Beer KnowledgeHow Drinking Local Helps the Environment

August 21, 2019by Buffalocal0

Buffalocal breweries are not only creating some of the best craft beers Buffalo has ever seen, but they are also helping the environment while doing so. 

Flying Bison Brewing Company buys as many of their ingredients from local farms and suppliers whenever possible, rather than from big corporate farms. This not only supports local farmers, but also minimizes the transportation of the ingredients. Buying local ensures fresher products being put into the beer and the lack of travel reduces the carbon emissions released by transport trucks. [Pause for a shameless shout out to Buffalocal’s distributor, Try-It Distributing, whose fleet of delivery vehicles are powered by eco conscious Compressed Natural Gas instead of traditional fuel! *Clap, Clap, Clap*]  Additionally, Buffalocal brewers tend to take the water they use to cool wort and then reuse it for their brewing water. So, instead of wasting the water it is ran through a heat exchanger and reused to brew. 

Water is the main ingredient in beer and Buffalo is lucky enough to have one of the largest fresh water sources right in our own backyard, and local breweries are utilizing it! ‘Nough said! 

Community Beer Works and 42 North Brewing are among the Buffalocal breweries who take an extra step in trying to eliminate their carbon footprint by donating their spent grain back to the local farms where it can then be used to feed the livestock. Disposing of it in this ecologically friendly way, ensures less waste and helps contribute to the “Full Circle” of local brewing.

Most locally brewed craft beers are also packaged in cans rather than bottles. By choosing to can their beers, breweries are lightening the load during distribution, therefore minimizing the transportation emissions. 

So, maybe we’re a little biased but choosing to drinking locally brewed beers just seems like a clear win win situation! 

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