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Beer KnowledgeShandies: They’re Not Just for Summer

August 28, 2019by Buffalocal0

A traditional shandy is simply a beer mixed with a non-alcoholic drink, typically lemonade or juice, and is often enjoyed as a summertime favorite. But with the wide array of craft beer styles and flavors now being produced year-round, people are getting a lot more creative and mixing up delicious shandies that are perfect for any season. 

At this point, we’re all familiar with the Beergarita, right? You know, the glass of frozen margarita with a bottle of Mexican lager poured in. They make for the perfect summer drink because they are light and citrusy and super refreshing; solid proof that beer and tequila go well together! So, with this principle in mind, we’ve been enjoying a killer Summer shandy by mixing ½ cup of tequila, 3 cups of a fruited craft beer (we used the Lime Berliner Weiss brewed by Resurgence Brewing Co.), and 4 cups of pink lemonade. If you’re one of the many that are haunted by tequila and just cannot stand the taste or smell of it, feel free to swap it out for a vodka of your choice for an equally delicious experience. 

Another yummy shandy is the Pomegranate Blood Orange Shandy. Some bloggers recommend sipping on this during the cool Fall months in a cozy sweater but we could just as easily enjoy this one poolside, for sure. For this hybrid Summer/Fall shandy, mix 1 cup of a light, refreshing wheat beer (like New York Beer Project’s Game Day Wit), ¼ cup of ginger beer, 1 ounce of pomegranate juice and 1 ounce of blood orange or traditional orange juice.

As we head into the colder months, nothing will scream ‘Fall shandy’ more than a crisp, refreshing, apple cider shandy!  An apple cider shandy consists of ¾ cup of chilled apple cider (obviously Mayer Brothers if you’re a true Buffalonian), ¾ cup of a hard cider from Blackbird Cider Works, and a splash of Angostura Bitters. Like any shandy recipe, the level of sweetness is up to you. If you love a rather sweet drink go ahead and pick up some cans of Blackbird’s Premium Draft, or if you enjoy more of a dry flavor profile, grab their Estate Reserve! Love this idea but want an Autumn option that still uses beer? Simply swap out the hard cider and bitters for a pumpkin or wheat craft beer. Cinnamon and sugar or caramel rim optional!

Last, but definitely not least, a Winter shandy that is perfect for those bitter cold Buffalo days: The Dandy Shandy. This shandy is super simple! Mix a stout or porter of your choice (like The People’s Choice brewed by Community Beer Works or Asylum Porter from 42 North Brewing Co.) with either ginger beer or ginger ale. Yum!

So, no matter the event, location, or temperature there is a shandy recipe for the occasion! Have a favorite Buffalocal beer? Leave a comment and tell us your ideas on how to use it to mix up the perfect Buffalocal shandy! 

photo by How Sweet Eats


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