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Craft BeerA Buffalo Beer Winter Bucket List

January 15, 2020by Buffalocal0

There’s still plenty of cold weather in the forecast for WNY. Luckily, we have a Buffalo beer bucket list full of wonderful winter beers to warm you up! 

Order a pint at your favorite Buffalo beer bar, or craft your own pack at your local bottle shop or grocery store. If you’re looking for beer in Buffalo, you’re in luck. You can locate all of these beers locally at our certified accounts.

stout beer

1. Sponge Candy Stout

Brewed by Resurgence Brewing 

This stout is subtly sweet. And yes, it’s made with real sponge candy from Watson’s Chocolates. This Buffalo beer is flavorful, but very drinkable. You’ll smell the sponge candy sweetness at first, but it’s beautifully complemented by the caramel and toffee flavors. This stout is worth trying even if you don’t love sponge candy. 

india pale ale beer

2. Frosty the IPA

Brewed by Hamburg Brewing

If hops make you the happiest, reach for this hoppy winter brew. This is not a super bitter beer, but instead has a big hop aroma and juicy flavor. The passion fruit and grapefruit flavors come together to create a tart, slightly sweet IPA with a frosty finish. 

craft beer


3. Orange Chocolate Blonde Ale

Brewed by Ellicottville Brewing 

Zesty orange citrus meets rich milk chocolate to create this Orange Chocolate Blonde Ale. This blonde ale is brewed with chocolate from the local chocolatiers at Platter’s Chocolate Factory. Sipping this beer reminds us of biting into an orange chocolate truffle. 


4. Asylum Robust Porter

Brewed by 42 North Brewing 

Stop and smell the toffee. If you demand to drink dark in the winter, you’ll appreciate this robust and roasty porter by 42 North Brewing. Think big malt flavors plus complex coffee and chocolate notes with a hint of bitterness. This one is available year-round, but especially a favorite during the winter months so we couldn’t leave it off our list.

bock beer

5. Blizzard Bock Dark Lager

Brewed by Flying Bison Brewing 

This German-style dunkel bock is smooth and malty, as any bock should be. The rich, toasty flavor plus the holiday spices make this beer a solid choice for a cold winter day. Plus, this brew is named after a blizzard and that’s as Buffalo as it gets. 

india pale lager

6. You Gots To Chill

Brewed by Pressure Drop Brewing & Labatt Brew House 

There’s a new IPL in town. This India Pale Lager is a collaboration between Pressure Drop Brewing and Labatt Brew House. The lager base balances the hoppiness to create a brew that’s light and crisp yet hoppy and fruity. You’ll taste grapefruit, papaya, and mango as you sip this one. 

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