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March 25, 2020by Buffalocal0

It’s officially stocking up season. But as you pack your fridge with all of your favorite Buffalocal craft beer, it’s important to keep proper storage in mind. 

How craft beer is stored has a major impact on the quality of the brew. That’s because the minute beer leaves the brewery, it begins to change. The effects will vary based on the style of beer and the packaging. 

The biggest spoilers of craft beer are temperature and light. So if you follow these tips and do what you can to control these factors, you’ll have fresh, flavorful brews. 

Keep the temperature steady 

Having a dedicated beer fridge is the very best option. Otherwise, focus on keeping your fridge at a consistent temperature. 

If you don’t have enough fridge space, storing your beer in a dark, cool place is the next best option. Ideally keep the temperature between 55 and 65°F. More importantly, remember steady is always best. Avoid repeated temperature swings because the up and down temperature cycle is bad for storing beer. P.S. CraftBeer.com has a cheat sheet on everything you need to know about beer and temperature. 

Store in the dark 

You can create your own cellar of sorts, if you follow a few simple rules. Dim and dark is best. Store beer away from sunlight and artificial light because too much can change a beer’s flavor. Cans do a great job of protecting beer from these harmful lights. While brown bottles are also a good option, storing these in sunlight can lead to the beer becoming “lightstruck,” the technical term for skunked. 

Consider the style when storing 

The best way to store changes based on the style. Strong ales above 7% can cellar and age well, while beers below that threshold typically don’t. Some sours are the exception to this rule.  

When craft beer isn’t stored properly, flavors can fade, especially hop aromas and fruity flavors. Malt flavors can evolve during storage. 

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Stock up locally 

You can locate most of the Buffalocal brands at local grocery stores, neighborhood bottle shops, and convenience stores around the city. 

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