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December 30, 2020by Buffalocal0

The end of the year is a time for reflection. This year, we’re taking a look at some of the important things in life – like craft beer in Buffalo. 

A lot has happened in the Buffalo craft beer scene in 2020, and that’s why we wanted to give you a roundup of our favorite blog posts about beer in Buffalo. From safely stocking up on Buffalo craft beer at home to recommendations from the brewers themselves, here are our top 7 blogs of 2020. 

Our Favorite Blogs of 2020

How to Safely Store Craft Beer at Home

As you stock up on craft beer, it’s important to keep proper storage in mind. How beer is stored has a major impact on the quality of the brew.

Where to Find Your Favorite Buffalocal Beverages Right Now

You can bring your favorite Buffalocal beverages home with you. Just head to Consumer’s, Tops, or Wegmans, and look for our logo.

Buffalocal Breweries Focus on Giving Back

We’re proud to be a part of a beer community that is #BuffaloStrong! Buffalo breweries are all about spreading their strength to support their hometown.

Brewer making Craft beer in Buffalo

Craft Beer Recommendations From Brewers in Buffalo

When it comes to craft beer, one of the most common questions is where to start. We asked Buffalo brewers to share their craft beer recommendations with us.

These Buffalocal Beers Are Perfect for Tailgating at Home

This year, we are tailgating at home with Buffalocal beers. Our picks for this season are from local breweries, of course.

Support Local by Trading Big Brands For Buffalocal Craft Beer and Cider

If you’ve been drinking macrobrews, you can support local by drinking Buffalo beer and cider instead. We even have recommendations for you!

Finding Buffalocal Beers You’ll Love (Even if You Think You Don’t Like Craft Beer)

If you say you don’t like craft beer, ask a brewer. We talked to brewers to see what they say to people who say they don’t like craft beer.

Drinking Buffalo Beer

Look out for more Buffalo beer blogs in 2021

2021 is sure to be a great year for Buffalocal beer. Whether you’re at a craft beer bar in Buffalo or enjoying your favorite brews at home, make sure you’re drinking local. We’ll keep you up to date on all of the best places to buy Buffalocal beer like Tops, Wegmans, and Consumers.

In the new year, we’ll also keep bringing you blogs about your favorite breweries with insight from brewers, seasonal bucket lists, and fun facts that will help you choose beers that you love!

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