Our Local Craft Belgians

Buffalocal’s mission is to ensure that consumers are getting the freshest local beers—and Buffalo’s local breweries strive to provide every type of Belgian possible to the community.

Belgian beers feature complex taste characteristics, often supplementing the balance of malt sweetness and hop bitterness you find in every beer with fruity, spicy, floral, and herbal aromas. And when it's done properly, these flavors are harmoniously balanced—all part of the freewheeling tradition of Belgian brewers.
  • Belgian Whites or Witbiers are cloudy pale beers brewed with some unmalted wheat along with the regular malted barley, giving it a characteristic wheaty flavor and thick creamy texture. They are traditionally flavored with coriander and orange peel and have a very low bitterness.
  • Dubbels are dark amber-brown beers with a lot of rich, roasted malt flavors, somewhat spicy and with fruity characteristics.
  • Tripels are brewed with triple the typical malts—big dense beers that are usually golden in color with notes of spice, fruit, and honey, often a bit more bitter than typical of Belgian ales to balance out all the malts.
  • Quadrupels are inspired by the dubbel and tripel styles, usually deep reddish-brown in color with a robust malty flavor profile and upwards of 10% alcohol by volume.
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Game Day Wit - New York Beer Project - Buffalocal

GameDay Wit

New York Beer Project
Belgian Witbier
5.4% ABV | 10 IBU
Available Year-round

Loganberry Wit - Resurgence Brewing - Buffalocal

Loganberry Wit

Fruited Witbier
4.2% ABV
Available Summer

Strummer - Pressure Drop Brewing - Buffalocal


Pressure Drop
Belgian Blonde Ale
6.0% ABV | 17 IBU
Available Year-round

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