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Pressure Drop Brewing Company - logo - Buffalocal
Buffalo, NY | Founded in 2017

Pressure Drop Brewing

The name "Pressure Drop" first pays homage to the barometric pressure changes initiated by Buffalo's infamous lake effect weather. But the name also eludes to the fluid dynamics associated with the science of brewing. When transferring beer from one tank to another, there is a pressure drop. And they transfer a LOT of beer at Pressure Drop.

Brewed in Buffalo’s Old First Ward, their West Coast-inspired beers are brewed for craft enthusiasts and domestic drinkers alike. Over the last few years, Western New Yorkers have gotten to know the unique flavors, experimental collaborations and fun one-offs Pressure Drop Brewing gets excited about.
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Blackalicious Imperial Stout - Pressure Drop - Buffalocal


Pressure Drop
Imperial Stout
9.3% ABV | 34 IBU
Available Year-round

Strummer Belgian Blonde Ale - Pressure Drop Brewing - Buffalocal


Pressure Drop
Belgian Blonde Ale
6.0% ABV | 17 IBU
Available Year-round

Buck Star Coffee Cream Porter - Pressure Drop Brewing - Buffalocal


Pressure Drop
Coffee Cream Porter
5.2% ABV | 21 IBU
Available Year-round

Sticky Trees IPA - Pressure Drop Brewing - Buffalocal

Sticky Trees

Pressure Drop
American IPA
6.5% ABV | 45 IBU
Available Year-round

Sticky Icky Hazy IPA - Pressure Drop Brewing - Buffalocal

Sticky Icky

Pressure Drop
Hazy American IPA
the 6.0% ABV | 30 IBU
Available Year-round

Seventy Seven - Pressure Drop - Buffalocal

Seventy Seven

Pressure Drop
7.0% ABV | 15 IBU
Limited Release

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Visit Pressure Drop

Pressure Drop Brewing is on tap in the Lakeward Spirits Tasting Room at The Barrel Factory, their Buffalo-based craft brewery. This unique space is a testament to Buffalo’s industrial past and exciting future. What was once a barrel manufacturing facility is now a craft beverage destination.

65 Vandalia Street
Buffalo, NY 14204

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