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October 20, 2021by Buffalocal

Just because trick-or-treating isn’t on your calendar, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. Adults can have fun celebrating Halloween too, especially when Buffalo beer and cider are involved. In honor of this sweet holiday, we put together a list of Buffalo craft beer and candy pairings for you to try! Look for your favorite style to drink or favorite candy and you’ll find our pairing recommendation. 

When it comes to pairings, you can complement or contrast the flavors, depending on your preference. All of our pairings feature beer in Buffalo, of course! 

beer and candy


Pair With: Twix and Kit Kats

If you’re all about chocolate on chocolate, pair your sweet stouts with a crunchy chocolatey treat. Twix and Kit Kats pair perfectly with a classic milk stout or speciality stouts. 

Buffalocal Picks: Resurgence’s Sponge Candy Stout, Big Ditch’s Make Me Wanna Stout, Southern Tier’s 2XSTOUT, West Shore’s Imperial Bavarian Cream Donut Stout 

beer and candy


Pair With: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 

Porters are a classic pick at this time of year. If you’re pairing a porter with something sweet, peanut butter cups are an excellent choice because they can really enrich the rich, indulgent flavor. 

Buffalocal Picks: Resurgence’s Peter B. Porter, 42 North’s Asylum Porter, West Shore’s King Edward Porter 

craft beer


Pair With: Skittles & Jolly Ranchers

If you’re a fan of everything fruity and sweet, pair your sours with Skittles and Jolly Ranchers to enhance the fruity flavor experience.

Buffalocal Picks: Ellicottville’s Beyond Van Gogh, Resurgence’s Cherry Berry Sour, Hamburg’s Fruitimonium 

buffalo beer


Pair With: Sour Patch Kids

IPAs are full of flavor, especially the hoppiest ones. The intenseness of a hoppy IPA sour candy needs something equally intense like Sour Patch Kids to balance the pairing. Beware because everything about this pairing packs a punch.

Buffalocal Picks: Big Ditch’s Beer That Tastes Like Beer, Resurgence’s Buffalo Forever, 12 Gates’ Moonlight Fog

cider and candy


Pair With: Candy Corn

A seasonal cider plays well with one of Halloween’s sweetest treats. If you’re drinking a semi-sweet cider try pairing it with candy corn. 

Buffalocal Picks: Blackbird’s Ghost Lantern, Hamburg’s Pumpkin Spice Hard Cider

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