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January 22, 2020by Buffalocal0

When we ask people if they like craft beer, we often get responses that sound something like, “I’m not really into IPAs”.

While IPAs are indeed, all the hype right now, they certainly aren’t the only style of craft beer out there. In fact, there are a LOT of fantastic beers being produced right here in Buffalo that range anywhere from the classic Pilsner to tart Sour beers.

But, where to start when you are new to craft beer? Right here! We’ve picked 4 categories of beer styles that new craft beer drinkers should not shy away from. We even take the guess work out of your trip to the beer aisle by suggesting great Buffalocal beers to try in each style:

1. Lagers and Pilsners

Most beer drinkers tend to delve into the craft beer world by starting with a crisp, clean tasting beer like a Lager or Pilsner. Because these beer styles tend not to have tons of adjuncts or heavy hop flavor, they offer up a very clean taste that won’t overwhelm the palate and won’t leave behind a strong aftertaste.

Buffalocal Picks: 42 North’s Luchabrew Mexican Style Lager or Community Beer Works’ Let’s Go Pils

2. Wheat Beers

Wheat beers are light and easy to drink with a mellow aftertaste, making them perfect for new craft beer drinkers to explore. The wheat used in the brewing process provides a soft character to the beer. This style of beer is often left unfiltered, creating a hazy or cloudy appearance.  Frequently brewed with fruit and/or light spices, Wheat beers are refreshing and approachable with a sweeter finish.

Buffalocal Picks: New York Beer Project’s Game Day Wit, Ellicottville Brewing’s Blueberry Wheat Ale, or 12 Gates’ Cherry Wheat

3. Stouts

Stouts tend to have heavier, more full-bodied characteristics, and so, it may seem counter intuitive to reach for this style as a newbie to craft beer. However, this style can be an excellent place to start, especially for black coffee drinkers and whiskey fans.

Stouts use dark roasted malts in their brewing process which impart bready tones and often offer up rich (and sometimes sweet) notes of chocolate, caramel or coffee. Stouts can also be brewed with adjuncts like coffee, candy or fruit, which impart their flavors for added complexity.

Buffalocal Picks: Resurgence Brewing Company’s Sponge Candy Stout or Hamburg Brewing Company’s Oatmeal Milk Stout

Imperial Stouts are BIG rich Stouts that typically rock a significantly higher ABV than a traditional Stout. Imperials tend to offer up a boozier taste, making them perfect for liquor drinkers who prefer the darker spirits like Whiskey, Rum and Bourbon.

Buffalocal Picks: Pressure Drop’s Blackalicious or Ellicottville Brewing’s Chocolate Cherry Bomb

4. Sours and Goses

Not gonna lie, picking a Sour beer can be hard because there is such a wide spectrum of flavors and sensations that can be experienced when drinking any given one. Some are rather fruity and sweet while others are so tart that they cause your taste buds to pucker like you have just eaten a lemon. For new craft beer drinkers, finding the perfect gateway Sour or Gose comes down to the balance of sweet, sour and salinity.

Buffalocal Picks: 42 North’s Halt Who Gose There, 12 Gates’ Resting Peach Face or Southern Tier’s Cherry Crush


Want to learn more? Check out all of the Buffalocal craft beer styles now!

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