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April 22, 2020by Buffalocal0

If you’re looking for Buffalocal beverages, you’re in luck. Even though your favorite craft beer bars in Buffalo are closed, you can still drink local at home. 

Bottle shops like Consumer’s Beverages, and grocery stores like Tops or Wegmans are still stocked with Buffalo beer and cider. When shopping at your bottle shop, keep these tips in mind. 

Freshness always comes first.

Look at the expiration dates as you’re shopping. Keeping fresh beers on the self is always a top priority at the places we partner with. 

Seek inspo before you shop.

Ask trusted friends and industry influencers for recommendations, so you have a solid game plan going in. P.S. You can find detailed descriptions of Buffalocal beverages on our website.

Embrace your indecisiveness.

Some of the best and most unexpected discoveries happen at bottle shops. If you can’t decide, don’t. Instead, opt for options and bring a new brew or few home with you. 

craft beer tops

Look for the Buffalocal section.

If you’re shopping at Consumer’s, Tops, or Wegmans, simply look for our signage to easily locate Buffalo craft beer and cider. 

Shop local at Tops or Wegmans.

When you head to the beer shop, look for the Buffalocal sign and you’ll see plenty of 6-packs and 12-packs from your favorite Buffalo breweries. Both Tops and Wegmans recently expanded offerings from local breweries. At Wegmans, you also have the option to craft your own 6-pack of Buffalocal beers. 

local beer consumer's

Shop local at Consumer’s Beverages.

All 18 locations are still open. You can walk in to purchase, or call ahead for curbside pickup. If you’re looking for a specific beer in Buffalo, give them a call and they can point you to the right location. P.S. Resurgence Brewing Company is currently the “Beer of the Month” at Consumer’s which means you can save $1.00 on select packages throughout the month of April.⁣

Enjoy your beverages at home!

Before you pack your fridge with all of your local beverages, take a minute to read up on how to safely store craft beer at home. If you’re looking to expand your craft beer knowledge, follow these steps to do your own at-home tasting


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